So, like this website had a birthday and stuff.

4 Years of BakitWhy: Doing the A-Ba-Ka-Das

As with all good things, Filipino celebrations are best attended as late as possible.  It's 10:00 PM Sunday in a cold, cold, 70 degree Southern Californian night, and I'm late to the party.  The BakitWhy Party that is.

Four insane years with this unruly kid.  Now, I could go tell this troubled toddler the normal birthday cliches such as "time went by so fast," "look how far we've grown," and "the best is yet to come."  They're probably all true.  But at four years old, you start doing stuff, dangit.  Start talking like a big kid.  Learn how a catepillar turns into a butterfly. Get that math done

Well, sir, we are getting that math done.  The last few months have been tumultuously transformative in bringing about a new, wise-cracking and mischevious BakitWhy, straight out of kindergarten.  You'll see new features, make new friends, complain about new things, and have an all around new time.  We're trying to integrate what's best about being an online culture--instant gratification & hyper-connectivity--with the best content ever for and about the Filipino American lifestyle.  

So join us, we have pancit.  Grab some before this kid eats it up.


About the Author

Kaywan has been on the BakitWhy team since 2008 and is equally as ancient.