Filipino LGBTQ Organization Plans Considerable Representation at 42nd Annual LA Pride

Barangay LA Seeks to Promote Unity among Filipino American and LGBTQ Communities

Los Angeles, CA - Barangay Los Angeles, the most established Filipino American LGBTQ organization in the United States, has refined its focus to include increased programming and partnerships involving the Filipino community. The organization, celebrating its 22nd consecutive year, has announced a visionary expansion of its principles to include progressive education and involvement of Filipinos across the nation. LGBTQ issues have been a rising topic in recent years and influences a significant number of people in the Filipino community.

Barangay Los Angeles has consistently served the needs of LGBTQ Filipinos by advocating and creating safe spaces to address issues concerning inequality and identity through progressive visibility. The organization challenges stereotypes and issues ranging from bullying, youth suicide, cultural misconceptions, violence and discrimination, among many others with this year’s focus on family.

We must unite as one community, one family,” states Robert Julius Maullon, Barangay Los Angeles President. “Our goal this year is to promote progressive LGBTQ visibility among the Filipino American community with the hope of instilling confidence in our youth.” Each year, many Filipino Americans across the nation live in fear of expressing an open life among their family members. This lack of communication and acceptance can result in widespread depression, drug abuse, and even suicide. “Imagine the success our community can achieve when we can all live confidently regardless of sexuality and gender,” says Maullon.

This June 2012 marks the 42nd Anniversary of the Los Angeles LGBTQ Pride taking place in West Hollywood. Each year over 400,000 people in attendance and many more across the globe participate in this emotionally charged gathering. The event showcases the colorful diversity and creative talents of the LGBTQ community. Barangay Los Angeles is the only representation of Filipino Americans in the celebration.

We invite the Filipino American community to join us and represent our culture in this globally recognized event,” says Jeremiah Abraham, Director of Public Relations and Marketing. “It’s a wonderful coincidence that LA Pride takes place so close to Philippine Independence Day. What a great way to show our unified support in front of so many people.” Participants of LA Pride have a unique opportunity to march down one of Los Angeles’ major streets and gain mainstream exposure to attendees and media. “Whether you are a college organization, business, non-profit and community entity, family, or individual -- You are more than welcome to join us,” says Abraham. Barangay Los Angeles has partnered with LA Pride organizers to ensure a large representation of Filipinos at this year’s event. Last year, Barangay Los Angeles was prominently featured at LA Pride on ABS-CBN’s RSVP and Balitang Americai.

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Jeremiah Abraham
Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Barangay Los Angeles

About Barangay Los Angeles

Established in 1989, Barangay Los Angeles has become a nationally recognized Filipino community organization supporting and focused on addressing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning issues. The organization has grown to serve over 100+ members offering free membership and a wide range of programming, from social events to free educational workshops and advocacy.