No to budget cuts!

The Class Action: CSU Budget Cut Protest

As much as students and faculty have become fighters for their civil rights, they will not be K.O.'d by the budget cut.


Anakbayan Los Angeleswas among the students, faculty, and organizations who protested the budget cut at Cal State Long Beach on Wednesday, April 13th, at  noon. The 23 Cal State Universities rallied in concordance to demonstrate against the $500 million total decrease in state funding. Some of the funding for the system was actually restored last year.


Led by Anakbayan L.A. chairperson Eric Tandoc, Joshua Jimenez waved the student organization's red flag as part of the advocacy effort. Other culture-based organizations included the National Council of La Raza. CSULB's "Rally to Support Quality Public Higher Education" went past the one-hour mark as the protestors migrated from the University Student Union's bell tower to Brotman Hall. The protestors sang "We Shall Overcome" as public education is seen as a civil rights issue.


Chancellor Charles Reed, leader of 3,000 faculty and staff and 412,000 students, was also a targeted CSU figure for his so-called greed. The CSU, which spans the entire state of California, has an annual budget of more than $5 billion. The class action was taken to enforce the belief that the priority must be on students and classes, not the administration.