Eskrima is one of the Philippine's oldest martial arts and is now being recognized in the mainstream.

Eskrima on The History Channel

The History Channel had an awesome show last year about two guys who travel to different countries and learn the history and techniques of their native martial arts systems.  Yeah I know, Americans on an American channel trying to connect with other cultures?!  But, they do a surprisingly good job of being respectful and representative of the various peoples.

One of the first episodes focused on one of the Philippine's greatest martial arts: eskrima.  I've had experience in other martial arts, but I found that eskrima is perhaps the most effective and practical style due to the level of improvisation, the diversity of moves, and the ability to use the techniques with any weapon in hand.

Here's the first part of the episode, but there *may* be the rest of the episode on YouTube.  However, I suggest that you purchase the entire episode off of iTunes.

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