Mattel released a limited number of a Philippines inspired Barbie dolls on February 2nd.

Filipina Barbie Released into the Market

Part of the latest installment of their Global Glamour collection, Mattel has released a Barbie doll inspired by the culture and family of its designer, Fil-Am Carlyle Nuera.  Mutya Barbie, as listed on the Barbie Collection’s website, is pictured wearing a beautiful cream colored organza overdress inspired from the traditional Philippine terno and a long pink gown.  Infusing his culture into the design of Mutya Barbie, Nuera speaks about the organza overdress saying, “The organza’s print references textiles of the different tribes in the Philippines, as well as the sun from the [Philippine] flag.”  Nuera continues saying, “The embroidery on the hem is inspired by the sampaguita, a jasmine flower that is the national flower of the Philippines.”

Mutya Barbie is reminiscent of the glamour encompassed with the beauty pageants of the Philippines.  Nuera even speaks to the name of the Barbie saying, “The name ‘Mutya’ means pearl or beauty or muse; it’s a girl’s name; and it is also used in the titles of beauty pageants in the Philippines.”  Turns out that there is a special connection with Nuera and Philippine pageants, his mother was Miss Tacloban in 1976.

There are currently only 4,400 Filipina Barbies available, selling at $100 a doll with a limit of 5 dolls per collector.  With her caramel colored skin, black hair and Kiva face sculpt, it is predicted that collectors will be excited to purchase their Mutya Barbie, especially since collectors have a preference with Kiva face sculpt Barbie dolls.  Mutya Barbie also comes with accessories: gold colored earrings, a necklace, bracelet and a golden lace fabric fan.  

Source: NBC, The Barbie Collection, Kicker Daily