A comedy web-series about Lucy and David: two idiotic EMTs who love life and each other. As friends. Because, seriously, ew.

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Lucy (Leslie-Anne Huff), a former phone-sex-operator, and David (Josh Banday), a 30-something still living with his mom, are two EMT's with the strangest friendship you'll see on screen. 

From absurd to poignant to just plain strange, Lucy and David’s friendship will take you for a ride (in an ambulance) as they navigate work, love, and personal hygiene.


Aside from it being on Lucy and David’s vision boards, The LifeSavers web-series aims to bring a unique brand of comedy to the internet. By investing, you get to be a part of making that happen! Help us make something out of nothing! It’s like magic! Kind of.


Leslie-Anne Huff and Josh Banday met when they were paired up for NBC’s Diversity Showcase. Every year, NBC hosts network executives, casting directors, and other industry guests for a night of scenes featuring diverse up-and-coming talent. The two connected and The LifeSavers was born shortly after.


Leslie-Anne Huff

Leslie-Anne graduated from UC Berkeley and has since performed improv and sketch at The Groundlings, IOWest, Second City Los Angeles, The Comedy Center Stage, and ACME Theater. Leslie-Anne also wrote, produced, and appeared in the short film Rosie, which premiered at the LA Shorts Fest 2014. She has appeared in numerous commercials and her TV credits include CSI:NY, Bones, The MiddleNCIS, Chuck, and Days of Our Lives. 

Josh Banday

Josh just wrapped up a two-year-long run at Second City Los Angeles in Quick and Dirty, and regularly performs improv at Second City and iO. He has written for award-winning shows likeSecond City This Week and Margot’s Pie, and has a running web-series called Year Old Cake. His latest work“The Composer” is a short film which just wrapped production and will be submitted to film festivals across the nation in 2014-2015. 

We will be adding some of the LA's top comedic talent to The LifeSavers cast in the next month! Stay tuned!


John Redlinger, Director
John Redlinger has been writing, directing and producing projects for nearly a decade. Born and raised in Dallas, he moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and achieved a theatre degree from the University of Southern California. He actively works both in front and behind the camera; his work has been featured in outlets such as the CW Network, The History Channel, and various film festivals including Cannes 2013.

Naeem Munaf, DP 
Naeem Munaf is an award-winning filmmaker and avid web commercial producer. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Advertising Design and now resides in Los Angeles as of 2013. He is constantly traveling and creating content for others to view and laugh to. You can view his work at 

YOU, Associate Producer 
By donating at the $100 level, you can earn an associate producer credit! You will not only help us make this baby a reality, but your name will appear in the credits! 
  • FIVE of our favorite episodes , 3- 5 minutes each 
  • Production beginning on schedule: December 2014 
  • Renting an ambulance and driver
  • A crew to make this thing look amazing
  • Of course, we have to feed everyone! 
Risks and Challenges:

Perhaps the web-series will be too funny? Maybe Leslie-Anne and Josh will get so deep into character they'll change their names to Lucy and David and move into an ambulance?
All kidding aside, we have an extremely talented, experienced, and dedicated crew who will do everything in their power to bring this project to full fruition.

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