Musings of Earl on the diaspora of Pilipino Food

high blood!

::cracks knuckles::

Here we go.

I just sat here for the last quarter of an hour thinking about the subject of my inaugural post.  I thought to myself, "It's gotta be something I'm somewhat knowledgeable about." Improv perhaps? Music? Culture? History?

Then it hit me: Food!  I know food.  More specifically, I know Pilipino food. I love Pilipino food.

From laing to lechon, kambing to kadios.  From bibingka to bangus, pinakbet to paksiw.  From dinuguan to durian, marunggay to mamon.  I love it all.  I love every grease-laden, rice-accompanied spoonful.  I love my sinigang sour and my sisig spicy.  Every bite of Datu Puti soaked lumpiang toge is a little bit of palatable heaven.  

There is something I wonder, though.  Who else loves Pilipino food?  I know my fellow kababayans out there salivate over the thought of two-day-old re-heated adobo, but when was the last time you saw a caucasian family at Manila Sunrise? ("I love pancit and lumpia!") When's the last time you said, "Lets order out some Pilipino?"

I sure can't recall an instance of either.  Why is that?

Maybe we haven't been in the states long enough? Maybe our food doesn't look quite as palatable as other Asian cuisines?  Maybe it doesn't jive well with the mainstream trend toward healthy eating? (That's a subject for a later entry.)  Maybe it's simply because we have no desire to break into the mainstream.  I mean, I don't know if I could ever get used to the term Philippine Fusion cuisine.


I think that if I ever accomplish truly great, I'd have a corresponding fiesta (piyesta?).  What 10 dishes would I serve, you ask?  

1. Lechon of course,
2. Pinakbet
3. Sinigang isda
4. Laing
5. Dinuguan (w/ puto!)
6. Ukoy
7. San Miguel and Sisig
8. Chicharon bulaklak
9. Kadios
10. Leche Flan
11. Ube shakes from Oinkster.

So I cheated.  Can you blame me?

Your turn.

Ube dooby doo.