Cut Video releases a video showcasing 100 years of Philippine beauty in under two minutes.

A Journey Through 100 Years of Philippine Beauty

As the sixth installment of their 100 Years of Beauty series, Cut Video has released a video showcasing the Philippine ideals of beauty throughout the last century.  The video starts at the end of the Spanish-American War and brings viewers all the way through the 2010s bringing viewers on a brief cultural history of the Philippines.

At the onset of the century, the Spanish-American War ended and Philippine beauty was very indigenous, drawing inspiration from the surrounding area.  “It is the Spanish/U.S. ‘discovery’ of indigenous Philippines after the Spanish-American War,” says Chris Santo Domingo Chan, an anthropology PhD student at the University of Washington, “followed by a period of seduction and enchantment with Western aesthetics, and finally, a growing reclamation of Filipino nationalism in various iterations.”  Chan completed the research for this episode of 100 Years of Beauty and stated that he hopes the video shows how nationalism and relationships with other cultures shape perceptions of beauty.

To view the video showcasing 100 Years of Philippine Beauty click here.