Kevin Nadal Adds 'Author' to Resume and Publishes the First Book Ever on Pilipino American Psychology

Kevin NadalWords by Edward J. Mallillin

Kevin Nadal will make history this Thursday, June 25 in New York City, where he will launch Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice, the first book of its kind, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (7-9 PM, local time).

With an ancestry that includes three centuries of Spanish rule, 50 years of American occupation, and heavy migration to the United States, Nadal presents the first comprehensive look at the collective psyche of Pilipino Americans.  As the 2nd largest Asian American population in the United States (2.4 million), it's surprising that his studies are only the first to be published.

"This book is important because there is very little literature written on Pilipino Americans.  When I was in graduate school, I always found myself scrambling to find books or articles on our community.  I hope that this book can serve as a resource for people who are interested in Pilipino American issues, and also serve as a resource for people who want to work with Pilipino Americans," said Nadal.

You've probably heard of Kevin Nadal before -- the entertainer or the educator.  His resume is endless.  Originally from California, Nadal journeyed to New York City to obtain his Ph.D in Counseling from Columbia University and currently teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  However, his eagerness to make people laugh led him to perform stand-up comedy, as well as the highly successful 1-man shows Pinoy, Single, and Dirty Thirty.  He also premiered a cabaret entitled Psychotherapy, and has appeared on Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, The Filipino Channel, and the History Channel.

In 2007 Nadal led a popular campaign against the program Desperate Housewives and its parent network ABC, for negative statements made about medical schools in the Philippines.  In 2006, Nadal made People magazine's list of "hottest bachelors."  His popularity also extends into Pilipino American cinema, with his hilarious performance in the feature film Brown Soup Thing.

But his latest success story and concern is Filipino American Psychology, sure to be a best seller.

Filipino American Psychology
Filipino American Psychology by Kevin Nadal

"This book has been one that has been in my head since I was 20 years old and a student at UC Irvine," said Nadal.  "I'm so excited that it has finally come to fruition.  I always knew that we needed a book that talked about Pilipino American issues and so it has always been my goal in life to write it."

After this Thursday's launch in New York City, Nadal plans to tour in support of the book.  With dozens more cities to still be confirmed, he currently has dates set in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Palo Alto, Burlington VA, Seattle, Chicago, Gainesville FL, and Charlottesville VA.

With such a busy life these days, Nadal keeps his humor intact when contemplating what the most difficult part of his 30-stop national book tour will be: the need for 30 different outfits.  And with his background in comedy, his tour is sure to bring many laughs while also giving serious, academic attention to a subject he holds very important.

"I hope that this book gives voice to the 2.4 million Pilipino Americans in our country, so that we can be understood, accepted, and celebrated," noted Nadal.

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For more information about Kevin, his book, or to RSVP for his book launch, visit the good doctor at  His book Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice can be purchased at,, and, as well as at all of his personal appearances.  The June 25th official book launch will take place in room 203T at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at 899 Tenth Avenue, between 58th and 59th.