Krystle Cruz's new music video "Fall Out of Love" hits the internet

Krystle Cruz Falls Out of Love In New Video

Last month, Pilipino-managed group OISHI Media released a music video featuring San Diego native Krystle Cruz, "Fall Out of Love", off of her latest album "Underneath Me":

In less than five minutes, Krystle takes the viewer on a journey through the middle, end, and aftermath of a modern day relationship. Unlike her last video, the upbeat and dance-filled "Eternity", FOoL takes on more of a slow jam, pop feel. Still, the song allows Krystle's vocals to come through the catchy beat. Hopefully it won't take another year for Krystle to release her next official music video.

Buy the album "Underneath Me": Amazon link

Krystle Cruz's YouTube Page: link

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