Update on Lori's Fight With Leukemia

Lori Gopiao's Blessing

Last July 2011, Lori Gopiao, a mother of 3, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Lori's doctor said that without a bone marrow transplant, it would be hard for Lori to overcome Leukemia with just the normal procedure, which involves several sessions of chemotherapy

Lori, aided by her loving sister Maru Gopiao, went above and beyond in the journey in search for a bone marrow donor.  They went to Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) and Asian American Donor Program  (AADP), organizations that help patients from various multi-ethnic communities who are in search for a bone marrow donor. To spread the word for Lori, Maru went to various Pilipino Media outlets asking for help from the Pilipino communities. She went on a local talk show segment called "Kababayan LA", on ABS-CBN's "Balitang America," and even Pilipino Newspapers such as “Asian Journal” and “Philippine News.”

Despite the odds, just recently Lori has found the blessing that she have been waiting for - a match in an umbilical cord which can be the transplant that could cure her Leukemia. With a new sense of hope, Lori and her family can breathe easily in the hope that Lori will soon be 100% for her children, family, and friends.

"Salamat" and "Mabuhay" to all who have registered for the bone marrow registry and those who called and asked what they can do for Lori, especially to the individual who was the match. May God bless you!

Please continue keeping Lori in your prayers untill the day she is cured completely from her cancer.

To reach Lori or her sister Maru, they can be reached through their page on Facebook:


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