Breaking down the "Fight of the Century" between two of boxing's top pugilists, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Blow by Blow

In boxing, just as in any of the other fighting sports, it is widely believed that to be the best, you have to beat the best. Moreover, it is not very often that the Top-2 Pound-for-Pound boxers, who are proclaimed as such with no regard to their specific weight classes, have the opportunity to settle their mythical status in the middle of the boxing ring.
Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is touted to be the “Fight of the Century,” and #MayPac definitely has the potential to not only live up to the hyperbole, but to actually exceed it. As a matter of fact, the projected combined earnings of this match is a staggering $400M, which is greater than the GDP of 29 countries around the world. This match pits boxing’s pre-eminent defensive specialist, Mayweather, against one of the most exciting offensive fighters in Pacquiao.
To get things started, the Mexican National anthem was sung in honor of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration, followed by Gail Banawis and The Word singing the Philippine National anthem and Jamie Foxx singing the Star Spangled Banner.
During the Walk-Out, which Manny did to his own song, Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino, Jimmy Kimmel accompanied Pacman while decked out like Justin Bieber when he crashed a recent Press Conference leading up to this fight. Not to be outdone, Mayweather walks out with the Bieber himself along with who appears to be Burger King’s King.
In the tale of the tape, the 38 year old Mayweather (47-0, 26 ko’s) has an inch and a half height advantage and a four inch reach advantage over the 36 year old Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 ko’s). Referee Kenny Bayless gives the final instructions before the bell signals the start of this long anticipated match.
Round 1:
Both men circle each other.
Mayweather starts off the action with a right.
Both fighters exchange jabs, trying to measure each other up.
M connects with a counter right.
The normally defensive oriented M is pretty active.
P backs up M with a straight left.
M connects with a counter again.
P is going for the body, but M dances away.
M connects with the left.
P momentarily corners M, who then hugs P after a quick flurry.
Bayless has to separate the two at the end of the round.
Round 2:
M connects while diving for M.
P corners M, but gets another counter.
M once again clenches and is throwing punches while being separated.
P corners M and unleashes a flurry, and M responds by clenching once again.
The crowd is screaming “Manny! Manny”
M pushes P’s head down.
P is throwing wildly, and M dances away.
P backs M into the corner to end the round.
Round 3:
P starts with left jabs.
P pressing the action.
M dances away.
M  thrown a low blow.
P connects with a big left.
M clenches after getting backed into the ropes.
P corners M and unleashes a barrage of punches.
The two get entangled in the middle of the ring.
M connects on a straight.
M gets warned for a head-lock.
P counters effectively
P connects with a 1-2 combo.
Both men end the round with a flurry, with P connecting on a right hook.
Round 4:
M lands a couple of rights.
P unleashes a quick flurry after momentarily
Two more flurries from P while M is trapped in a corner.
M again dances out of trouble against the ropes.
P effectively counters M.
M clams up against the ropes after a big left, while P unleashes a couple of rounds of combos.
Another combo form P.
P counters M’s attack.
M again pushes P’s head down.
P is very aggressive this round.
Round 5:
P lunges and backs M up.
Both men circle each other warily.
P again lunges, but M evades.
M connects, but gets another warning for pushing P’s head down.
M again puts P in a headlock.
Jabs are exchanged.
M dances out of trouble.
M again uses his defensive skills to run away at the end of the round.
Round 6:
P thrws a coe of cnbos
P connects again,
M is cornered, but dances away.
Both men get entangled, and Bayless has to separate them again.
M is again up against the topes, but isn’t in too much danger.
P connects on an overhead right, bloodying up M and backing him up against the ropes.
P unleashes a flurry of body shots while M is against the ropes.
M plays rope-a-dope while P again unleashes another flurry.
M gets off the ropes.
M connects with a couple of jabs.
P lands a combo.
Round 7:
M starts off the round on the attack.
M connects on a big right.
Another right from P.
M connects on a jab.
Both men measuring each other up with jabs.
M dances away again.
M again clinches.
M connects wih a double-jab.
M connects on a combo.
P connects with M against the ropes, but again M dances away.
M again runs to close out the round.
Round 8:
P connects after an exchange.
P lands a big left.
P backs M against the ropes and throws a combo.
The crowd again chants Manny! as P swings and misses.
M briefly gets trapped in the corner but dances out of trouble.
M lands a left hook.
M lands another left hook
M dances in and out of trouble.
Round 9:
P is behind on the punch counters for the last couple of rounds.
P backs up M.
M clenches at the corner.
P lands an overhead left.
M connects on a left while P is on the attack.
M lands another right.
M backs up against the ropes after a P flurry.
Round 10:
P dances away.
P is only landing at 18% thus far.
P lands a jab.
P traps M and unleashes a flurry at the corner.
M jabs effectively.
M lands a combo.
M dances out of trouble again.
P reaches and gets tagged with a counter right.
M unleashes another combo in the corner.
M again holds P down.
P lands a right.
M dances out of trouble to end the round.
Round 11:
M comes out swinging.
P throws his own combo.
P backs M against the ropes.
M lands a couple of his own shots.
P lands a nice body shot.
P lands an overhead.
A lot more activity from P this round.
P lands a straight.
M dances away from trouble.
M finds himself in the corner but P can’t land anything significant.
M lands a hook after a jab.
Round 12:
Both men exchange jabs.
P stalks M, but M’s defense is solid.
P lands a left.
M lands a counter.
P again gets M in the corner, and M clenches.
This appears to be M’s fight style.
P tries to walk down M, but M shows off his defensive prowess.
P tries to attack, but M pretty much mocks him to end the fight.
The fight goes to a decision…
Total punches landed shows 148 for Mayweather and 81 for Pacquiao.Despite Las Vegas being Mayweather’s stomping grounds, he gets booed by the crowd while Pacquiao gets cheers.
Mayweather wins by Unanimous Decision (118-110, 116-113, 116-113) to get all three Welterweight Belts (WBC, WBO, and IBF) and to bump up his undefeated record to 48-0.