If done the right way, the Medicare Portability Act is a win-win proposition.

Medicare Portability Act to help Retiring FilAms and US Government

Many First Generation Filipino-Americans plan on retiring in the Philippines after having worked many years in the United States, but unfortunately, they are unable to use their Medicare benefits when they do return to the Philippines for be able to enjoy their Golden Years.

ABS-CBN News’ Don Tagala reports on U.S. Medicare Philippines, a non-profit organization in Washington, DC that is pushing for the Medicare Portability Act. This act will allow retiring FilAms to enjoy their benefits in the Philippines while at the same time being able to save Medicare at least fifty percent in costs.

U.S. Medicare Philippines is counting on President Benigno Aquino’s promise to push for the Medicare Portability Act during his scheduled meeting with President Barack Obama this summer.


*Image from usmedicareph.org

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