Barangay LA's statement regarding the decision of the unconstitutional foundation of Prop 8.

An Open Letter to the LGBTQ and Filipino Communities


To our members, allies, and supporters,

It is our great honor to stand in solidarity with all of you, especially during this progressive new year. With the increased awareness and prevention of LGBTQ bullying in our schools, to today’s fulfilling decision regarding the unconstitutional foundation of Prop 8 — we are closer and closer to equality among all people.

My journey with Barangay Los Angeles started over two years ago with a passion to serve the Filipino American LGBTQ community. This is a collective passion that I share with Barangay Los Angeles supporters, members, allies, as well as past and current leaders that has brought this organization together for nearly 22 years. Our continued success is due to the past leaders of this organization who have helped shape the organization to what it is today. But more than anything, thank you to all the Barangay Los Angeles members, supporters, volunteers, and allies who have been supportive all these years. You are the backbone of this organization and without you, the organization would fail its purpose.

2011 was a great year for Barangay Los Angeles. From increased visibility in the media, to partnerships with other Asian Pacific Islander (API) organizations and the larger LGBTQ community, to being an advocacy driven organization — we have definitely lived up to our vision to provide a safe space for our LGBTQ Filipino community. Barangay Los Angeles continuously aims to do bigger and better things for its members. Our mission aims to create safe, progressive spaces; to foster positive self-esteem; to discuss concerns relevant to being Filipino and LGBTQ; and to advocate on behalf of its members. We are proud to say that our events over the last year certainly mirrored our mission which has guided the organization to where it is today. Truly, it was a year of hard work motivated by passion and the desire to foster a better Filipino LGBTQ community for all.

Our work does not end here.  We urge all of you to join Barangay Los Angeles once more in solidarity to fulfill its mission and serve its purpose. Let us work together to create a progressive future and build strong ties among our community. We look forward to engaging with each one of you in these coming months.

This journey is our journey. We walk tall and proud with all of you.

Thank you and maraming salamat sa inyong lahat,

Robert Julius Maullon
Barangay Los Angeles President

*Image: Barangay Los Angeles President Robert Maullon and Director of PR and Marketing Jeremiah Abraham accept a trophy from Philippine Consul General Mary Jo Aragon.


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