Filmmaker Patricio Ginelsa and his Life Passions

Patricio Ginelsa, Pilipino American Health Awareness Month, and an Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Writer/Producer/Director Patricio Ginelsa takes some time out of his busy schedule to share with us what has driven him to pursue some of his celebrated projects, and also offers some advice for's Pilipino American Health Awareness Month about maintaining the necessary balance in our own lives.

  • What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about telling unique stories; some about my experience, some about my community, and some based on my geek influences (comic books, music).  I'm very committed to giving a voice to those who aren't widely exposed on mainstream film and TV.

  • How have you embraced your passions and incorporated them into your life's work?

I want to think that if you watch any of my video projects - whether a music video, a commercial, or a movie - you can feel my passion in it.  You can sense what I was going through or thinking of at that time.  I honestly believe that nothing I ever do from now will ever match what I did with our first Black Eyed Peas music video, THE APL SONG.  Aside from all the hoopla that it was a gig for a major label, the video captures everything I've ever loved about my family, my community, and my culture.  There's also all the sentimental stuff with my dad's side of the family, including my uncle's (the lead actor) passing shortly after the premiere.

  • What is your advice to others?

It's important to balance out your passion and priorities.  In the past decade, I've experienced the rollercoaster ride of the industry and it's very easy to lose yourself inside it. Stress can easily lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Having a solid foundation of family and close friends that genuinely cares about me is most important.  Making movies is not the only life goal I have to accomplish.  Getting married last year was another big step.  In the end, the challenge of accomplishing these life goals is what keeps me alive.  And as long as I still have that passion to tell stories, I'll never stop making films...

  • What's next for you?

The big music video coming up for us is an epic production for one of my favorite bands ever since they contributed one of their songs to THE DEBUT soundtrack. The video is "The Bigger They Come" for the reggae band NATIVE ELEMENTS.  We shot it last November not too long after my wedding, and we're in the middle of post production right now.  It's so big we may have to create a longer version out of it.  I can't reveal anything about it right now, but maybe these pictures will give you a clue.  You haven't seen a reggae music video like this!  Stay tuned to for updates.

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Photos courtesy of Patricio & KidHeroes Productions