Basketball Star Presents Philippine CIty with Basketball Court and Basketballs

Rajon Rondo and Red Bulls' Gift to City of San Juan

NBA superstar Rajon Rondo made a two-day stop in the Philippine city of San Juan as a part of the Asian leg of the Red Bull King of the Rock Tour. Shortly after landing, he spent time talking to the local media. He told reporters, "I hope I can end my career as the greatest point guard in the history of the Boston Celtics." Rondo spent time showcasing his skills at the Red Bull Skills Clinic at the Ronac Art Center. The crowd was a select group of high school and collegiate players. The Celtics point guard told them, "I'm a serious student of the game. I study films or games tapes not just to see it, but to look for every edge [I] can get against a certain player."  At the end of his visit, Rondo presented the basketball court donated by Red Bull to the youth of San Juan. The refurbished venue, that Rondo helped renovate, is near San National High School. He also presented Mayor Guia Gomez and Vice Mayor Francis Zamora with basketballs for the children.

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Red Bull King of the Rock is a one-on-one basketball tournament held on Alcatraz, or the Rock. The tournament was first held in September 2010. Last year, the competition went international. In its third year, the tournament makes its way back to the Rock wtih the top 64 competitors from 25 countries.


Alcatraz, which sits in the San Francisco Bay, has an infamous history.  The former federal prison began operating in 1934, but had been shuting its cells long before. The prison housed Civil War prisoners and captives from the Spanish-American War. For 29 years, the Rock housed the likes of Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. Today, the historic site is operated by the National Park Services offering tours to tourists.