Inviting the community to our "Virtual Campfire Stories" by sharing YOUR scary stories and experiences.

Virtual Campfire Stories: Share Your Scary Stories

Ma “BOO” hay!

Among other things, October marks the Halloween and All Souls Day celebrations around the world. To commemorate this frightfully ghoulish season for the past couple of years, BakitWhy has been running a series spotlighting various Philippine Mythological Creatures entitled the Supernatural Series.

Check out these creepy creatures that we've already spotlighted:



The aswangis an evil vampire-like, shape-shifting ghoul that is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories, whose details vary greatly. Spanish colonizers noted that theaswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures of the Philippines, even back in the 16th century.



The diwata resembles fairies or nymphs and are also known to be gods and goddesses—a role placed upon them in pre-colonial times. 400+ years ago, many believed the diwatas resembled a higher being. According to the Tagbanuamythology, the diwatas are considered similar to the Bathala and Kan-Laon; meaning they’re the prime creators of both the world and human beings.



Duwende have been defined as different but similar things: goblinshobgoblins,elvesdwarvesgnomeslittle spirits, and more. The name comes from duende, the Spanish word for goblin/elf, and dueño, the Spanish word for the "real owner of the house." They live in houses, trees, underground, and other rural areas. 



The Manananggal appears in the form of a beautiful older woman, except for the fact that she has leathery wings and detaches her torso from her bottom half at night. This mythical creature's name comes from that very behavior: in Tagalogtangal means "to separate";Manananggal then means "one who separates itself." When a manananggalseparates itself, its torso flies in search of prey while its lower half stays where it is. 



Mangkukulam, also known as bruha or bruho, are similar to witches. EachMangkukulam has unique abilities that they use to manipulate the personal affairs of other people. A Mangkukulam’s powers are passed down from one generation to another; at least one person in the family will inherit the craft.



One of the most popular subjects of Pilipino horror movies are, Multo, or ghosts.Multo are spirits of the deceased that remain in the living world to handle unfinished business, seek revenge, or search for a means to communicate with their loved ones. Many people in the Philippines grow up believing in these spirits. People claim to be able to feel their presence, which is often attributed to a sudden chill in the room or a gust of wind. Some lucky few are even able to see them.



Most often a Tiyanak appears as a infant or child, mimicking their cries in order to lure its victims. However, several other variations exist within Philippine folklore. One version of the Tiyanak depicts the creature as a little old man with uneven legs, causing it to leap rather than walk. Another form in the Mindoro region describes the Tiyanak as a flying infant-like monster, that transforms into a black bird before taking flight. In Pampanga, they are described as small brown-skinned people who float on the air.


White Lady

The White Lady is usually a young, beautiful woman dressed in white; some say her feet never touch the ground. Oftentimes, she was brutally raped and murdered, and her spirit restlessly seeks revenge. Since her aggressor is almost always a man or group of men, she is mainly sighted by men rather than women.


The Supernatural Series proved to be such a big hit that we are looking to continue it this year – with a slight tweak.

We’d like to invite you, the community, to share with us any of your Ghost/Aswang/Multo/White Lady/etc. stories through our Blog Section as a part of our "Virtual Campfire Stories" Blog Series this year.

The scarier, the better, and you get extra points if it is about something that happened to your lolo/lola, tito/tita, etc. The scariest stories will be featured on’s main page for all to enjoy!                                                        


*Image from The P.I.R.G.