Discussing the differences between Filipino, Pilipino, & Tagalog.

What Is The Philippine National Language?

What is the National Language of the Republic of the Philippines? What about the Official Language? Are they even the same?

Is it “Tagalog”? Is it “Pilipino”? Or is it, (BakitWhy’s policy of using “Pilipino” instead notwithstanding), in fact, “Filipino”? 

Too many people, Pilipinos and Pilipino-Americans unfortunately included, are unable to differentiate between these three different languages, much less answer these questions with a high degree of certainty. The inter-relationships between “Tagalog”, “Pilipino”, and “Filipino” has led to many misunderstandings, including incorrectly assuming that these three are mutually interchangeable, which is oftentimes quite confusing for speakers and non-speakers alike.