picture perfect

I've always been on the run. My vision blurred. But little did I know I was goin faster than my dreams. This isnt what it seems. Clouded by the pursuit but where is the happiness? Hidden by the bagginess. Of the awkward smiles. Endless trials. Thousand miles and drunken dials. My vision was always out in the distance without a focus. Constantly searchin I never found my locus. Hokus pokus. Cast a spell on me. Bindin me down so I can never be free. Twenty two is something I'll never get back. Fell somewhere that is pitched black. With every darkness, there is a light. With that said, I set my sight. Unknowing where I'll set my feet, all I wanted to do was get off of this seat. Haunted by the same nightmare. Is this fair? Farewell. I'm no longer the same. For better or worse, I see life in a different hue. Altered colors of blue. Skies never looked so clear. Beautiful melodies is all I hear. Am I high? High on life. It's like I opened pandoras box. Untapped potential rid of it's locks. My clock is synced and I'm back on the grind. With the pursuit of happiness stuck on my mind. Refocused my lenses to see what's in front of me. Set me free. I've only got till three. Reminded our time here is limited. Now that I got u interested.. Let's paint this picture called life. We can't undo the mistakes, but we can paint over it. The paint may be thicker, but it only adds texture. In the end, when viewing the wholeness of it all.. Every painting is a masterpiece. So let's start painting pretty pictures