My couch is famous
For Judas kissing.
While you scaled Bollywood
Formerly known as Hollywood's
Hierarchy of make-shit bombas
Dreaming of asylum
From inverted pflags
I lit Ur darned socks
On Fire @ Bahrain.
¿You Fil mi?
U were gorgeous
And you still don't know
Empires cum and go
Like Disco Inferno.
I missed you's
Last night
I like that. Just like that.
Don't believe the Hipster
Hitler hype of the existential
Oxycodone cabinet
Mirror: Mga Twink Anghel never
Die. Pretend I'm not here
Like, my Gog —
I wanna swallow
A glamor shot of you 
Rejecting me.
So fucking sHEXy
Insurgency Tsunami