Words left spoken

Check one two three, sounds and lyrics come together to be words and melodies that express a mental symphony of vocabulary in what becomes this spoken word poetry. Messed up jigsaw puzzle or lego piece, it’s a collection of parts and symbols that produces a sound from which no guitar, piano, or thimble can ever produce. A sound of language and flow that sings out to the perched canaries up top the branches on my tree of thought. People tell me time and time again that poetry is for emotional people, but really that’s not always the case. It’s an art form in itself, with the air and paper around you as your canvas; inkstains replaced by sound vibrations that wiggle and swim through the ocean of thoughts within our imaginations. I write, I flow, I speak, I sew together this absurd and intricate fabric of linguistics and diction to more properly convey the spirit of hip-hop mixed with classical poetry, topped off with a taste of the one and only me. Roses are red, but they can also be blue, if you just let your imagination and reality ensue. I don’t plan to make it big with those record label deals and hot shot cars and tracks because all I want to do is simply enjoy this art of writing and creating an opera of vocabulary that can pierce even the deepest shelled hearts out there. I write to express as well as impress, because life is a platform, and I’m constantly on stage reciting to people the lines that come from my heart and mind. I want to show that my emotions come not only from my amygdala but from the experiences the world tosses and churns into my life, because I want every one to know that these sentences and expressions I make are all recollections of past experiences and specific selections of the modern day tidbits of who I am. Silence may be golden in many cases, but I choose to leave these words left spoken.