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This episode we sit down with Filipino Kitchen, a website that looks to connect Filipinos with their culture through food. They do this with posts of pictures, recipes, interviews with chefs, and even hosting pop-up dinners around the country. Their most recent pop-up, "No Guts, No Glory" served up pig's ears, chicken feet, and bone marrow to Chicago diners. Note that this episode is the raw audio from an interview we had with them, so it's a bit more freeform and there is some cussing that happens.
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There are many issues that Filipino-Americans are battling stateside; issues of identity, equality, immigration, and more. But what about injustices happening overseas? In this episode Yves Nibungco of Anakbayan talks about the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, a law in the Philippines that restricts what someone could say online. If found guilty of posting an offensive comment on Facebook or Twitter, you could land in jail for ten years! Learn about the history of the Act, the potential danger it brings, and how people are fighting against it.
Yves Nibungco - National chairperson (US chapter) Anakbayan
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When you were a kid, were you told to come inside so you wouldn't get too dark? Have you ever come across aisles of skin whitening products? Why do people make fun of "FOBs" or Filipinos with heavy accents? In this episode, we explore how the Spanish colonization of the Philippines decades ago affects Filipino Americans today. We also talk about every day microagressions, and ask the question brought up by so many: couldn't it be a good thing that the Philippines was colonized? Author EJ David has done extensive research into this field and provides some of what his work has revealed.


EJ David - Author, "Brown Skin, White Minds: Filipino -/ American Postcolonial Psychology"

Buy his book here:

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It's a very special episode of the BakitCast! We go back to school with some of the brightest student leaders in the Pilipino-American community. Representatives from the Filipino Intercollegiate Network Dialogue (FIND), Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA), Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance (NWFASA), and Southern California Pilipino American Student Alliance (SCPASA) comprise our panel. Listen to the problems today's organizations are facing and what they think of a national conference.


John Ballesteros - President, MAFA
Joseph Fallurin - National Director, FIND
Jumar Garcia - Chairperson, SCPASA
Daniel Griffith - Secretary General, NWFASA
Kristine Maramot - Secretary of Communications, NWFASA
John Carlo Miranda - Vice President External, MAFA

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Louella Cabalona and Steven Raga are this episode's guests as they discuss what it was like to be chosen by the Philippine Embassy to go to the Philippines.  We talk about them meeting several dignitaries and business executives there, with the expectations of bridging the gap between Pilipino-Americans and the Philippines. We also go over the national NaFFAA conference in Detroit, and the importance of Pilipino-Americans voting on elections in the Philippines.


Louella Cabalona - Founder, SamaSama Project
Steven Raga - Executive Director, NaFFAA Region 1

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Bryan Lozano & Rachelle Ocampo of Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro) join the 2nd podcast to talk about Jose Vargas on the cover of TIME, Social media's response to the story, the White House changing its stance on immigration, The First ever Filipino American briefing at the White House, and the Belo skin whitening ads backlash.


Bryan Lozano - Executive Director, UniPro
Rachelle Ocampo - Associate Director, UniPro


Ryne Dionisio

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UniPro Summit 2012, the Pilipino Renaissance, Bayo's mixed race fashion ad campaign, and the fallout of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

BakitCast Host: Ryne Dionisio


Rae Visita, Managing Partner, Kasama Media
John Misa, Team Development Coordinator, BakitWhy
Jemellee Santos, Social Media Intern, Kasama Media
Kaywan Shiraz, Project Director, BakitWhy