Epic (Pilipino) Meal Time - Epic Empanada

A Tribute to a Crazy Bunch of Youtubers...Pilipino Style!

Epic (Pilipino) Meal Time - Epic Empanada

Meat meat meat wrapped in a flaky crispy sleeping bag of love. Tribute to one of our favorite YouTube channels of all time, but you know, Pilipino Style. In case you're not familiar with the Pilipino Empanada, it's like Latin empanadas (like the Cuban 'picadillo'). They usually contain ground beef or chicken meat, potato, chopped onion, and raisins. 

But one of the best things of a Pilipino diet is breakfast! So we decided to combine the flaky sweet goodness of an empanada with as much Pilipino breakfast food as possible!. 

Epic Empanada:

  • 1lb of buttered pork adobo crust
  • 1lb of pork sisig (grilled, broiled, and fried pork face)
  • 1lb of red Pilipino hot dogs (extra color)
  • 18 fried eggs
  • 1lb of pork adobo
  • Crushed chicharonnes
  • 1lb of longganisa (sweet sausage)
  • I forgot how much fried rice
  • Mang Tomas
  • Jufran
  • Mayo
  • Brown Sugar
  • A lot of Tanduay rum
  • A baby empanada to keep guard.

Director/Videographer/Editor: Samantha De Lara (http://bakitwhy.com/samantha)
Main dude: Earl Baylon (http://earlbaylon.com)