Rich Cabael CEO, Founder of VuQo Premium Vodka

The humbling American success story of a Vodka brand

Getting to Know Rich Cabael: The Man Behind VuQo

Haven't heard of VuQo? It's the first ever premium vodka distilled straight from coconut. Seven years ago, Rich Cabael had the idea to bring Filipino into the liquor industry with the initial concept of importing lambanog from the Philippines. What is lambanog? It's a popular Philippine alcoholic drink distilled from the sap of the unopened coconut flower, and is known for its potency and high alcohol content (80 and 90 proof). When the VuQo team figured out that importing lambanog wasn't the optimal choice for global branding, marketing, and production purposes, the concept of VuQo Vodka was born.

Most people don't know the difference between a distilled vodka versus an infused or flavored vodka, but the distinction is paramount. Flavor infused vodkas are merely soaked with flavorants, while vodkas like VuQo are fermented and processed through much more complex methods, thus producing a more enriched quality product.

"Only the best ingredients are used to make VuQo Premium Vodka. The sweet nectar of the coconut flower comes from Philippine coconut trees, the best in the world owing to the country’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil and tropical climate. 

The sweet coconut liquid is extracted and fermented before it is introduced to a thorough process - pure ingredients, continuous distillation, multiple filtration. The end product is a vodka of exceptional smoothness and clarity." -VuQo 

In speaking with Rich about the history of VuQo, it's evident that the brand prides itself off of producing an exceptional quality product, as well as a high company morale. There's a functional correlation between the impact of executive leadership and the vitality of a company. With the genuine spirit, commitment, and determination of co-founders, Rich Cabael and Giselle Arroyo, the brand will undoubtedly continue to burgeon. 

Bringing VuQo to the mainstream was not an overnight success. In fact, it's still an ongoing process. When I asked Rich how he felt about the success of VuQo, his response was humbling with the idea that the team won't rest until VuQo's potenial as a brand is realized on a global scale. Take note that VuQo has been an official red carpet sponsor for high profile events such as The Academy Awards and The Emmy's. That would not have been without the support of colleagues and leaders in the Filipino community such as Rembrandt Flores of Entertainment Fusion Group (EFG). 

Awareness for VuQo is on the rise, not only because it's created by Filipinos or that it's made in the Philippines, but because it actually happens to be an unmatched premium vodka.

Be sure to tell your friends and enjoy a chilled shot of VuQo Vodka at your next outing. Watch the video interview for a couple of Rich's tips on his favorite ways to drink VuQo. Enjoy! 









Thanks to Nic's Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills (an official carrier of VuQo) for lending their Vodka venue for filming. Go visit their VodBox for a chilling experience with your friends (you have to put on a special jacket!).